Barb and I have recently decided to retire from our positions as a Nurse Practitioner and Prison Chaplain respectively, to begin a new life chapter working with refugees in Athens, Greece.

As is true for many in the U.S., our awareness of the global immigration crisis drew our attention to the southern border portrayed in many different ways depending on the media sources behind the story. We began praying intentionally about how we could fit into efforts already underway, and partner up with others to live out our faith by striving to bring love and mercy to people in great need.

When an opportunity came to join a team to work with refugees in Lesbos, Greece, we eagerly joined in 2019 for a short term trip, with full expectations to return the following year to continue to explore possibilities.

Then, COVID.

After many delays, we recently returned to Greece, this time in Athens, to work alongside a couple of organizations seeking to address the ongoing immigration crisis. To make a long story short (if it’s not too late..), we were invited to join “Helping Hands”, an organization already doing great things with refugees in Athens, as part of the beginnings of a Brethren In Christ presence in Greece.

We are excited to discover what lies ahead, and are hopeful for a return trip in February to continue the adventure, and explore what God has in store for us. We covet your prayers, and ask you to stay tuned for more to come…

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